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One of the necessities of production, sales, inventory, and supply chain development is the ability to easily identify items in the system so that they can be located. An essential factor in the process is labeling items, or materials, with distinct markings that describe their location, purpose, and other pertinent data. The process of labeling began centuries ago with marks being handwritten to distinguish one item from another or as means of specifying the owner. Read More…

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Packsize designs inventive packaging machinery that reduces unnecessary packaging material and promotes sustainable packaging solutions through on-demand packaging. We design integrated, automated packaging machines that create and pack boxes in the moment - only using the packaging material needed. We design systems in a variety of sizes, speeds, and capabilities. Our customers trust our...

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As the marking process developed, written labels were created, which were followed by printed labels that have evolved into the present-day bar codes. The introduction of bar coding has rapidly advanced and improved the various marking machinery methods to the point that an extraordinary amount of data and information can be stored on marking labels.

What is Marking Machinery?

Marking machinery covers an industry that engineers and designs methods for labeling a wide range of items and materials such that they can be easily located. As economic concerns have grown, producers and manufacturers have worked with marking machinery producers to develop methods that can precisely and concisely identify every machine, component, and device that is a part of a company’s inventory.

The importance of accurate data is of major emphasis by financial officers when they answer for the allocation of funds. The main reason for these systems is to provide a means for controlling inventory and accounting for assets. Marking methods have been developed to fit the needs of every industry from small items for children to large, enormous presses.

The type and kind of system depends on what is being labeled and how permanent the label needs to be. Production equipment requires metal, unalterable labels that describe their function and process. Trucks and transport equipment are labeled as a means of locating them and what they are transporting.

How Marking Machinery Works

For many years, the marking process was simply placing a ticket or label on merchandise or equipment. In many cases, the data on the label was at the discretion of the person preparing the label, which varied drastically from company to company and person to person. With the beginning of inventory taxation, methods for organizing, storing, and identifying inventory needed to be more precise and accurate, which led to the rapid improvement in the marking machinery industry.

The former method of sticking a label on an item has grown and developed into a wide array of methods that provide concise data instantly. Though this has been necessitated by economics, it has also become a means for improving the profitability and performance of companies.

The present marking machinery produces identifiers in several varieties, few of which include stick on labels. The computerization of the process has led to the development of labels that can precisely identify an item from how it is made to where it is located. Financial officers can oversee inventory movement through the data processing system as warehouse workers scan the labels on materials as they are handled.

The Importance of Marking Machinery

Methods of marking items and materials have transformed into a technical industry capable of instantly providing data regarding the status of a company’s inventory. Though it grew from various economic issues, its perfection and development has led to a means for controlling costs, identifying assets, and increasing profits.

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